Anti-trust and Market Competition
Prohibited Agreements
Abuse of Dominant Position
Unfair Competition

Banking Law and Finances
Banking Contracts
Syndicated Loans
Secured Transactions
Collecting Outstanding Debts
Regulatory Issues

Corporate Law

Foundation and Incorporation of Companies
Shareholders Relations
Relations between the Company and Shareholders
Termination, Expulsion and Squeeze-Out
Corporate Governance

Family Law
Marital and Separate Property
Prenuptial, Nuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Marital Property Distribution Litigation and ADR
Children Rights and Adoption
Paternity and Maternity International Adoption

Inheritance and Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Wills and Testaments
Advising and Representing in Inheritance Proceedings
Disputes among the Heirs Litigation and ADR
Third Party Claims against Estate

IT, Media and Communications
Computer Software, Licensing and Technical Support
Networking Technologies
E-commerce and WEB Services
Printed and Electronic Media
Copyright and Licensing
Media Broadcasting
Advertising and Marketing
Privacy Protection
Regulatory Issues
End-User Rights

Labor Law
Employment Contracts
Executive Employees Contracts
Employment Rules and Tariffs
Collective Agreements
Collective Disputes Resolution
Individual Disputes Resolution

Leasing and Renting of Real Estate
Advising, drafting and negotiating
Collecting the Debts
Sell and Lease Back

Litigation and ADR
Negotiating and Peacefully Dispute Resolution
Other Court Proceedings

Medicine, Drugs and Medical Products
Incorporation, Licensing and Business of Medical and Pharmaceutical Entities
Trade of Drugs and Medical Products
Licensing, Agency and Distribution
Health Insurance Carriers Relations
Regulatory Issues
Advertising and Public Communications
Public Procurement
Product Liability and Malpractice

Mergers and Acquisitions
Legal Due Diligence
Legal Advising, Drafting and Negotiating Legal Instruments
Regulatory Issues

Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy
Concessions and Licenses
Oil and Gas Distribution
Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure and Manufacturing Plants
Sources of Renewable Energy

Partnerships and Joint Ventures
Advising, Drafting and Negotiating Contracts
Representation of Partners and Investors
Acting as Trustees of the Partners and/or Partnership

Private Loans
Mortgage Loans
Pledges over Movables and Rights
Personally Guaranteed Loans

Public Procurement
Tender Documents
Advising on Public Procurement
Representation in Public Procurement Proceedings
Representation in Appeal Process

Real Estate and Project Finance
Real Estate Acquisitions, Disposals and Exchanges
Property Management
Commercial Leasing
Planning, Zoning and Land Use
Project Development
Real Estate Finance

Sale of Goods and Services
Trade Agency

Work-Related Injuries
Construction Damages
Traffic Accidents
Product Liability
Professional Malpractice