Firm orgins go back from the law offices of Mrs. Zrinka Pavlovic and Mr. Siniša Pavlovic, who started their own practices in the beginning of 1990's. Their law offices have then been transformed to Pavlovic & Pavlovic Law Firm in 1994, after the Croatian Parilament passed the Advocacy Act.

Our goal is to provide legal support to business activities of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, as well as to natural persons. Firm performs both counseling and representing clients in courts, as well as before administrative bodies and governmental agencies. Alternative dispute resolution is also a part of our practice.

We are proud of high level of our legal services and close personal relationships with our clients. Our clients can be certain to receive a reliable legal support right in time, along with a constant and pleasant contact even in the hardest legal circumstances.

Quality of our services and our relationship with the clients are what really matters.

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